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CIPM Sri Lanka and SLSI Set to Unveil National HRM Standards

The Chartered Institute of Personnel Management Sri Lanka (CIPM) and the Sri Lanka Standards Institution (SLSI) are delighted to announce the official launching ceremony for the National Human Resource Management (HRM) Standards. This landmark event will take place on 30th April 2024 at Cosmic by Citrus, commencing at 5:00 PM.

Established in 1959, the Institute of Personnel Management Sri Lanka (IPM) aimed to advance personnel management and enhance HR practices in Sri Lanka. Recognized for its contributions, IPM was later rebranded as the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management (CIPM) in 2018. Mandated by law through its incorporation, CIPM SL regulates People Management practices in Sri Lanka and holds membership in APFHRM and affiliation with WFPMA, representing nearly 100 countries worldwide. To further its vision, CIPM embarked on creating comprehensive national standards in HRM, aligning with global benchmarks.

In a momentous collaboration, the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management Sri Lanka (CIPM) and the Sri Lanka Standards Institution (SLSI) have united their expertise to establish a comprehensive set of national standards in HRM. This initiative is a pivotal step in developing and regulating HR practices in Sri Lanka, aligning them with globally recognized benchmarks.

Under the visionary leadership of Mr. Jayantha Amarasinghe, Immediate Past President of CIPM, the Sectoral Committee for Developing National Standards on Human Resource Management was established. This esteemed committee, comprising nationally and internationally acclaimed HRM professionals, academics, and business leaders, worked tirelessly to formulate country-specific HRM standards.

Leading the charge was Mr. Dhammika Fernando, Chairman of the Sectorial Committee and a distinguished figure in the HR landscape, serving as Past President of CIPM and President of the Asia Pacific Federation of Human Resource Management (APFHRM). The committee included Ms Ruwani Senevirathne (Secretary), Mr Priyantha Ranasinghe, Prof. Ajantha Dharmasiri, Mr Aruna Jayasekera, Mr C. Hewapattini, Dr Chandana Jayawardhane, Mr Dhammika Kobbekaduwa, Mr Sanjaya Walpita, and Dr Sanjaya Jayasuriya. Each member has contributed their unique insights and expertise to ensure that the National HRM Standards uphold the highest standards of professionalism and innovation. The committee meticulously benchmarked existing international standards, including those from ISO, British, and American bodies, to tailor them to the Sri Lankan context.

The national project was completed under the steadfast guidance of CIPM President Mr. Ken Vijayakumar and with the oversight of the Executive Council. Mr Ken Vijayakumar, President of CIPM, expressed his excitement at seeing the fruition of their endeavours to set up these national standards. He emphasized that these standards maintain the integrity of the HR profession and establish a standard of excellence in HR practices across the country.

The collaborative effort between CIPM and SLSI resulted in the creation of eleven comprehensive standards covering key areas of HRM, from Digital HR and Analytics to Employee Relations and Strategic Workforce Planning. These standards, ranging from SLS 1787:2024 to SLS 1796:2024, have been meticulously crafted to address the evolving needs of the Sri Lankan corporate landscape.

With the approval of these standards by the board of SLSI, they are set to be published and promulgated, ushering in a new era of professionalism and standardization in HR practices across Sri Lanka. This landmark achievement reflects the commitment of CIPM and SLSI to foster excellence and innovation in Human Resource Management.

With the introduction of these standards, CIPM and SLSI are paving the way for a future where HR practices in Sri Lanka are not just on par with global best practices but are driving organizational success and societal prosperity.








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