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Beware of fake Hela Bojun food outlets!

The Agriculture Ministry yesterday issued a statement requesting people not to be misled by fake private food stalls and wayside eateries operating under the brand ‘Hela Bojun’ since the authentic ones are run by it only to promote rice flour.

The Ministry said only it operates a chain of food outlets called ‘Hela Bojun’ all over the island to promote food prepared using rice flour instead of wheat flour.

“These Hela Bojun food outlets are a concept of the Ministry of Agriculture, and information has been reported that other people are also running food outlets under the same name.

But the food at Hela Bojun outlets is prepared using 100 per cent local ingredients. The Hela Bojun outlets of the Ministry of Agriculture do not sell food prepared using wheat flour at all.

Only nutritious food prepared using rice flour instead of wheat flour and fruit drinks prepared without mixing sugar and drinks like Belimal and Ranavara are sold.

It is also prohibited to sell stale food and unheated food items. Hela Bojun Food Centres provide ready-to-eat hot meals to customers.

Counterfeit outlets using the name of Hela Bojun are deceiving consumers and selling processed food and stale food made from wheat flour,” the statement said.

For this reason, the Ministry of Agriculture is emphasizing that except for the food outlets with the Hela Bojun name run by the Ministry of Agriculture, the other places run using that name are not government-owned Hela Bojun outlets at all.

A discussion regarding this was held at the Ministry of Agriculture, where Minister Mr. Mahinda Amaraweera, instructed the officials of the Ministry of Agriculture to conduct constant monitoring activities to maintain the identity and quality of the Hela Bojun outlets belonging to the Ministry of Agriculture.

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