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Country could face Dengue epidemic by June

Infectious Disease Specialist Dr. Ananda Wijewickrama stated that there is a high risk of the country having to face a Dengue epidemic by June. He said that with the monsoon rains, more Dengue cases are reported annually in the months of June and July, but this year an increased number of cases have been reported in April and this may lead to an epidemic situation in June if preventive measures are not taken.

He also said that only a limited number of patients were reported in the month of April in previous years.

Dr. Wijewickrama said that a third type of Dengue virus was spreading these days and there is a danger of it spreading more among the people. He also said that if there are symptoms like fever, headache, or pain in the groin, it can be Dengue and should be treated by a qualified doctor. He said that especially if the fever lasts for more than two days, Dengue should be suspected and no pain reliever should be taken other than paracetamol.

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