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Sanasa Life Insurance launches eight training centres across the island

Sanasa Life Insurance Company PLC has commenced a programme to establish training centres in all parts of the country to improve the knowledge, attitude and skills of its human resources. The first such centre was recently declared open in Anuradhapura and another eight centres are planned to be established in the country. The top management of the Company including Sanasa Leader Vishwa Prasadini, Dr. P.A. Kiriwandeniya, the Board of Directors, Managing Director Indika Kiriwandeniya, Chairman, Dr. H.J.S.K. Wickramaratne, Sanasa Life Insurance Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Ivan Nicholas, Chief Business Officer Kennedy J. Michael were present during the opening ceremony of Anuradhapura Centre.

Speaking during the ceremony, Sanasa Life Insurance CEO Mr. Nicholas said: “This is a breakthrough in the insurance industry. It is planned to develop a programme through this training centre to improve the knowledge, attitude and skills of our officers as well as those who are not within our organisation. The relationship with Sanasa societies, which is the foundation of the institution, will further improve through this programme.”

The Centre in Anuradhapura, which can accommodate about 50 persons at a time, has all facilities including air conditioning and modern technology-based equipment. One of the main objectives of the establishment of these centers is to improve the knowledge, attitude, skills including those related to leadership, ability to work as a team, personality and discipline of the apprentice staff of the organisation as well as the officers. It is notable that Sanasa Life Insurance, as the only insurance company working with Sanasa Education Campus approved by the University Grants Commission (UGC), directs trainees from these training centres for the degree, diploma and certificate programmes conducted by Sanasa Education Campus.

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