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Solutions to Sri Lanka’s Growing Aging Population

In the mid-1970s, Sri Lanka embarked on a large-scale family planning initiative aimed at reducing the average family size. Now, nearly five decades later, the consequences of this effort are beginning to surface, and they present a new set of challenges for the country. The reduction in family size has led to a shift in demographics, with the adult population growing while the overall population stagnates. On top of this, many youngsters are leaving the country now due to the current economic crisis. This has resulted in a situation where elderly parents are left behind, facing emotional and physical hardships.

For parents left, the difficulties are numerous. They often have no one to provide them with food, medicine, or essential care. Many who opted to move into apartment buildings face different set of issues as they may lose the sense of community and interaction. Even high-income families face the challenge of caring for their aging parents. As the number of elderly individuals in the country continues to rise, the need for dedicated retirement solutions has become paramount.

One commendable solution to this growing problem is “Emerita,” an apartment complex designed specifically for retirement, that is in construction at Kelaniya.

Hemas Hospitals (Pvt) Ltd, as the comprehensive healthcare partner to Emerita, provides full-time nursing and medical care services, ensuring that residents have access to doctors, nurses, and caregivers around the clock. Abans Environmental Services (Pvt) Ltd maintains the apartments, offering hotel-grade room service, daily cleaning, and laundry services provided in partnership with Londromat (Pvt) Ltd.

Fab Foods (Private) Limited runs a 12-dish full day unlimited buffet for residents. Additionally, an à la carte menu is available in the FAB restaurant, with the flexibility to order any additional meals whenever they desire.

Emerita focus on fostering a sense of community among its residents. The complex carefully selects its residents, bringing together a likeminded group of 57 individuals who can socialize in the coffee shop, roof terrace party area, enjoy the mini cinema, play games in recreational area and utilize the hot and cold water therapy pool, sauna, steam room, therapy and saloon, and engage in activities such as jogging and exercising together.

Emerita presents a promising solution to the challenges posed by Sri Lanka’s changing demographics. As the families grapple with the complexities of providing care for their aging parents, Emerita stands as a testament to innovative approaches to elderly care and community building. It offers a vision of a future where seniors can lead fulfilling, secure, and engaging lives in their retirement years.

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