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Charity work conducted by the founder of Sanasa Holdings Dr. P.A. Kirivandeniya and the staff of Sanasa Holdings at the Ran Dupatha Raja Maha Viharaya Chapter house

It was another proud and a religious moment for the people in the Matara Distrtict as 65 feet tall Pagoda was revealed to the public for the first time on the Poson day of the year 2024 which falls on the 20th of June at the auspicious time of 9.50. Furthermore, the opening of the eight sacred places which were built around the Pagoda also took place during this ceremony.
Moreover, a golden plated casket in which the holy relics were buried was installed within inside the Pagoda. This weigh around 1000kg.

Series of devotion which strated on the 14th of June came to an end on the 21st of June with the ceremony of planting the Koth. It was a successful week.
The founder of Sanasa Dr. P.A. Kirivandeniya and many other staff members of Sanasa organised and actively engaged in this series of events.

Afternoon Alms were given to around 150 Monks based in the Matara District.

After the afternoon’s alms, the Monks conducted the sermon. They all prasied the act done by Dr. Kirivandeniya in promoting Buddhism in the country.

They further stated that “Dr.Kirivandeniya is well known not only in Sri Lanka but also among other nations as well. The knowledge shared by him and the help extended by him for the development of this temple is commendable

The Sanasa Holdings founder Dr. Kirivandeniya has supported many families In Sri Lanka and have only hoped for the betterment of the public. Under the 14 institutes of Sanasa Holdings Dr. Kirivandeniya have worked for the betterment of the public. By promoting concepts such as ‘Sanasa Forward’ he wishes to uplift the country’s economy which is currently at a fragile state. Through the programs him and his organisation carries out he intent do help more than hundred thousand people and has already provided job opportunities for more than thousand people. From the beginning itself he has helped many people and this particular charity work was done with a very sincere heart.

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