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FCCISL and Australian Aid’s S4IG host MSME Tourism Business Summit 2024 in Sigiriya

The MSME Tourism Business Summit 2024, a pivotal event for Sri Lanka’s economic development, has been successfully hosted in Sigiriya. This initiative, a collaboration between the Federation Chambers of Commerce and Industry Sri Lanka (FCCISL) and the Australian Government-funded Skills for Inclusive Growth (S4IG) program, marks a significant achievement for the nation’s tourism industry. The Summit provided a crucial platform for Micro, Small, and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs) to address the economic challenges of recent years. It highlighted the essential role of MSMEs in the Sri Lankan economy and offered strategies to overcome obstacles through professional development and support.

The event emphasized the importance of professional business coaching and business development services for MSMEs. It also aimed to enhance the understanding of localized skills planning at district level and unlocking the potential areas for regional tourism development, where it enables MSMEs to acquire necessary skills through coaching. Dialog Enterprise and key financial institutions were actively involved, offering insights and services to help MSMEs leverage technology and financial tools for business growth. Their participation demonstrated the value of public-private partnerships in driving economic progress. A highlight of the Summit was the introduction of digital professional business coaching developed by S4IG. Digital business coaching is designed to provide MSMEs with the skills to thrive in the digital economy, ensuring they support tailored to their unique challenges.

“A business coach is like a doctor for your business. Just as we seek medical expertise when we’re unwell, businesses also encounter challenging times. As owners, we may lack the necessary knowledge or solutions. That’s where a coach steps in—they provide unique solutions and help navigate the business more effectively.” District Women’s development coordinator Sureka Darshini Edirisinghe, stated. FCCISL invites individuals and organizations interested in professional business coaching to learn more about how they can benefit from coaching and how they can be connected to a licensed coach. By supporting MSMEs, we contribute to building a resilient and thriving economy. “We embarked on this endeavour to support micro and small homestays, especially during the hardships caused by COVID-19 and the economic crisis. Our goal was to create a simple solution accessible to this group of MSMEs. The business coaching concept developed by S4IG was ideal for extending support to address the challenges they face in running their businesses.” President of FCCISL Mr. Keerthi Gunawardena stated.

The Federation Chambers of Commerce and Industry Sri Lanka advocates for the business community promoting economic growth and prosperity. Contact Indika Padukka, National Project Coordinator for Professional Business Coaching,, find out more on the FCCISL website For more information on hiring a coach for your business or to obtain a coaching license, contact FCCISL.

“The Australian government is proud to support innovative and inclusive interventions within the country, and this event is gathering MSMEs to enhance their growth in one such occasion” Mr. Stephen Lodziak (Team Lead S4IG) stated. The Skills for Inclusive Growth program, supported by the Australian Government, aims to improve skills and capacities, fostering inclusive economic growth in Sri Lanka.

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